The Easy VPN Software

VPN Software is So Easy

You can set up and run your own VPN, but it’s not necessary when you have VPN service from EXPRESSVPN. VPN software gives you the security and privacy

benefits of a VPN without the hassles of having to manage it. It is also lightweight,

so it just runs in the background of any device or computer. You don’t need a

separate system to run it, whether it’s for personal or business use. And you get

24/7 support for troubleshooting.

When you set up your own VPN, you have control over how you want it to run.

You can select which VPN protocols to use, what computers will run on it,

and what users have access to files.

But you can now also do all this with VPN software. The ExpressVPN app is

configured to give users the option to switch to whichever protocol they want to

use, anytime, without interruptions. It can be easily installed and run on, or

removed from any computer. And administrative access to different shared files can

be easily set up from any computer the subscriber chooses. Plus, with ExpressVPN,

all the servers are available to subscribers on a single package. So there’s no

additional hassle when you need your VPN software for a different set of activities.

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